The Impact of Sustainability on Nonwovens to 2024

Sustainability is a major issue for both the whole world and the nonwovens world in 2019. This report will identify and discuss the top 25 impacts of sustainability on nonwovens, not only in 2019 but through to 2024.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures

Our exclusive content:

  • Top 25 impacts of sustainability on Nonwovens
  • The ranking of sustainability trends and their impact on nonwovens market to 2024.
  • The opportunities and threats for businesses at each stage of the value chain.

What methodology is used?

The Impact of Sustainability on Nonwovens to 2024 is based on a combination of in-depth primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with key market and technical staff across the global value chain for nonwovens. Key participants interviewed included personnel from producers, raw material suppliers, industry experts from major process equipment suppliers and industry consultants. Secondary research included information acquired from technical literature, reports, papers, conference proceedings, company information, and other trade, business and government sources.

What will you discover?

  • In-depth analysis on the key drivers and trends for sustainability in the nonwovens market.
  • The latest research on the advancement in new renewable and sustainable products in the nonwoven s market.
  • Discover new policies and regulations within the nonwoven industry                    

Name The Impact of Sustainability on Nonwovens to 2024

Date 7/30/2019

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