The Future of Packaging in MENA to 2022

The Smithers report The Future of Packaging in the Middle East and North Africa to 2022 examines the opportunities for domestic and regional packaging industry to expand into this dynamic region.

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Our Exclusive Content:

  • In-depth, quantitative forecasts of the packaging market in the Middle East and North Africa; by substrate, country and end-use application
  • Qualitative analysis of the economic, political and technology drivers of the region and the impact on packaging demand to 2022 
  • Over 150 tables and figures providing comprehensive data on value and volume

What methodology is used?

The Future of Packaging in the Middle East and North Africa to 2022 is based on a combination of in-depth primary and secondary research. Primary research included refinement of Smithers’ databases on global and national packaging demand across all core segments, drawing on interviews targeting key decision makers from across the Middle East and North Africa packaging eco-system This exclusive content is contextualized and integrated with secondary research drawn from third-party databases of historical data – including official statistics, local trade associations, trade directories, market reports, journals, websites, and industry contacts – and detailed analyses of economic data for the region.

What will you discover?

  • An exclusive and comprehensive data set quantifying the MENA packaging market for 2013-2022 by volume (tonnes) and value ($ million)
  • In-depth analysis on future demand for packaging within MENA contextualized by local demographic, consumer, and technology trends 
  • Extensive profiles of the key national markets within the region, including details of local imports, exports, and supply and demand capacities

Who should buy this report?

  • Substrate and packaging consumable suppliers 
  • Packaging converters and printers
  • Local and international brands and retailers 
  • Packaging equipment and machinery suppliers  
  • Consultants and analysts

Name The Future of Packaging in MENA to 2022

Date 9/28/2017

Price $6500.00

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