The Future of Pouches to 2029

Comprehensive analysis of pouch market drivers and trends, competitive structure, supply chains, and technological innovations to 2029.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures
  • Global pouch packaging consumption is projected at 620.5 billion units in 2024 
  • This is forecast to grow during 2024–2029 at an annual rate of 4.0% to approximately 754.0 billion units. 
Find out:
  • How pouches can incorporate value-adding features such as resealable zippers and sliders, spouts and handles
  • How the rising demand for packaged food and beverages, coupled with cost-effectiveness and convenience, will impact the market for pouches
  • How innovations such as faster process machinery speeds and reduced heating times in retort applications will impact pouch production.
Report definition
  • This report covers three types of pouches – stand-up, flat and high-barrier. 
  • The stand-up pouch is constructed of flexible film or laminated material, with three panels to make it self-standing. Conventional stand-up pouches are those with heat-sealed bottom horizontal panel gussets. 
  • Flat pouch types included in the market data are: Pillow pouches (back or centre seal); three-side-seal pouches and four-side-seal pouches.
  • The term ‘high-barrier pouch packaging’ applies to packs made from flexible films (metallised, opaque and clear films) that are smaller than 250μ in gauge, with an oxygen gas transmission rate (OTR) of 5cm³/m²/day (25μ films) at 23°C or less, and 0% relative humidity (RH), and water vapour transmission rates (WVTR) of <5 gm/m²/day (25μ films) at 38°C and 90% RH.
The Smithers methodology
This report is based on extensive primary and secondary research. Primary research consisted of targeted interviews with material suppliers, converters and experts drawn from key markets. This was supported by secondary research in the form of extensive literature analysis of published data, official government statistics, domestic and international trade organisation data, company websites, industry reports, trade press articles, presentations, and attendance at trade events.  

Who should buy the report: 
  • Packaging converters
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Food and beverage brand owners
  • Supermarket and food-service retailers
  • Packaging industry consultants and analysts
About the author
David Platt has a broad range of experience in the plastics and packaging industry. He has authored over 50 market reports for Smithers on subjects including global packaging, rigid plastic packaging, PET packaging, flexible packaging, bioplastics, specialty plastics, high-performance packaging films, pouches, and caps & closures. He has participated in consultancy projects and has authored two books for Smithers.    
The Future of Pouches to 2029

Name The Future of Pouches to 2029

Date 6/30/2024

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