In many applications, torsional forces applied to a component or material can cause stress, fatigue, and eventual failure. Smithers' torsional testing capabilities allow development teams to evaluate everything from polymer material formulations to final, end products under a variety of test conditions. While we cover a wide range of test methods, we can also review custom setups to design a testing program that would meet your requirements. 

Torsional Testing Capabilities

  • Double-acting servohydraulic actuator
  • Force capacity up to ±25kN (±5620 lbf)
  • Torque capacity of ±100 Nm (±880 in-lb)
  • High-stiffness, precision-aligned load frame with twin columns and actuator in upper crosshead
  • 100 mm (4 in) of usable axial strike and ±130° of rotation
Common applications include:
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