Materials Science and Engineering Division

Location Standard / Organization Certificate / Registered Number
(where applicable)
Accrediting Body
US Laboratories ISO 17025-2005 0363.01 thru .06 A2LA
UK Laboratories ISO 17025-2005 0067, 0112, 0306 UKAS
China Laboratories ISO 17025-2005 0363.05 A2LA
Shawbury, UK Laboratory FDA FEI number 3011161827 FDA
Shawbury, UK Laboratory Category A and D Technical Service   VCA
Lansing, USA Laboratory International Safe Transit Association 2170 ISTA
Ravenna, USA Laboratory National Tire Reference Laboratory for Rolling Resistance - NHTSA

Testing and calibration laboratories that operate under quality systems accredited by A2LA and UKAS are also operating in accordance with ISO 9001.

China Quality Manager -
UK Quality Manager - Richard Barlow
US Quality Manager - James Littlefield 

Pharmaceutical Development Services Division


Quality Assessments Division

ANAB Accredited - ISO/IEC 17201-1:2015  Certification Number: SQA-1252099-170518 

Environmental Risk Sciences Division

Harrogate, UK: OECD GLP-Compliant, UK MHRA.
Wareham, MA and Snow Camp, NC: GLP-Compliant, US EPA & US FDA.