2.8 Protect the company's reputation - Certain types of off-duty conduct may interfere with the company's legitimate business interests. Employees are expected to conduct their personal affairs in a manner that does not adversely affect the company's integrity, reputation, or credibility. Protecting the company's reputation extends to both public and private communication as well as personal and professional communications that exist with social media today.  Communication in any media including but not limited to phone, email, and social media by employees of The Smithers Group may be viewed by Smithers clients and members of the general public as the viewpoint of The Smithers Group. The listing below includes but is not limited to guidance standards to be observed by employees of the Company.

Company sponsored media:
• TSG sponsored communications media in the formats outlined above must comply with all applicable laws, codes of conduct, policies and internal guidelines.
• The audience should know that the Company is the owner of the media content.
• The media content must be respectful of the Company's confidentiality requirements to its clients and employees. It should not contain any confidential or
copyrighted material or violate any intellectual property rights of others.
• The Company reserves the right to require approval of any Company sponsored media even if the employee is generally authorized to prepare such media on behalf of the Company. Employees should refer to local guidelines for the appropriate levels of authorization.

Non Company Sponsored Media:
While private communication is generally considered personal, employees should follow the guidance below:
• When employees engage in non-Company sponsored communications media, employees must avoid acting in a manner that would appear to clients or the general public as if they were a spokesperson for the Company.
• Employees must separate their opinions from those of the Company. For example, this should be accomplished by adding the following to any communication media; "The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily express the views of The
Smithers Group or any of its member companies".
• Employees may not disclose any sensitive or confidential material in any media that they have obtained through their employment with the Company involving the Company, its employees or its clients.
• As outlined in our Productive work Environment / Non-Harassment policy we require employees to be respectful and professional towards co-workers, clients or competitors and refrain from being rude and unprofessional

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