It is important to maintain a consistent tone for editorial copy across the company. On the website and in marketing collateral, it is important to maintain a scientific, yet approachable style – linked to our Sage Archetype – due to the fact we are trying to support, but not overshadow our valued customers and prospective clients.

Where possible, please avoid referencing individual divisions – with a move to one Smithers brand, the focus is now on what Smithers as a whole can offer, and not at what an individual division provides.

Key tips

  •  Avoid business ‘jargon’
Points should be clear, and easy to understand. You often do not know exactly who you are speaking to, and a junior employer may not understand deeply complex, technical terminology
  •  Use acronyms carefully

Use acronyms only when necessary, for example where they will help with readability and/or are a common term. Do not use without initially qualifying what they stand for.

  •  Speak directly to a customer

If you are writing with a target audience in mind, you are speaking to ‘someone’. Use this to make more direct points that will affect business decisions and highlight the approach we often take with customers – direct, clear support for individual business needs

  •  Do not brag

A ‘sage’ is quietly confident, and understanding of the support we can provide our customers. Our customers will often be approaching Smithers at a challenging point in their product development, and an overtly proud tone could be a deal-breaker when they are looking for tailored, integrated solutions to their unique situations.

If you have any questions, then please contact the support team​.

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