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"It was a precious time to work on this project with your great team. Thanks to this project, we were able to obtain meaningful and useful information in establishing strategies for expanding our business area. I would highly recommend working with Smithers for a company looking for new opportunities in the tire industry." - DL Chemical

"We expected nothing less than the high level of satisfaction that we experienced throughout the process. We consider Smithers our key strategic partner for market insight into the digital market and other print and packaging markets that we serve." - Michelman

"HP engaged Smithers for support on a multi-month market research project. Their team listened to our needs, met timelines, and completed the project to our expectations. We would be pleased to work with them in the future.” - HP Inc

Case Study #1

Client: Private equity firm (owners of a major Middle Eastern flexible packaging converter)

Challenge: The client's goal was to improve a rapidly declining performance of its portfolio company. The objective was to transform the client's business from a loss-making operation and an ordinary flexible packaging converter, into a regional innovative quality and cost leader.

Approach: Smithers carried out an in-depth technical, organisational and commercial analysis, and developed a turnaround plan in order to improve the company performance. New production efficiency KPIs were identified and a model was created to drive the financial recovery through cost reduction. Organisation restructuring was recommended to facilitate the top and bottom line growth. A new job costing model was developed, which was the critical tool for the future business production efficiency and competitiveness.

Impact: The strategic recommendations highlighted a number of key areas in which change could be implemented in order to improve performance, such as cost reduction, new customers identification, implementing a new reporting structure and identifying products that provide higher margins.

Case Study #2

Client: Leading international specialty paper manufacturer

Challenge: The client's aim was to tap into the growing casting release paper market to continue expanding their global market share.

Approach: Smithers conducted a thorough analysis of potential markets and new clients within the specialty graphic paper industry. Growth areas, competitors and new opportunities for the client were identified through research carried out by Smithers.

Impact: An in-depth study was produced which provided the client with an accurate picture of the global specialty paper market. Several strategic recommendations were suggested in order to allow them to expand their market share and maximise profits in the future.

Case Study #3

Client: A global brand owner

Challenge: Smithers was commissioned by a global brand owner to forecast consumer trends and attitudes towards a range of packaging substrates and products.

Approach: Smithers conducted a full primary research programme, and delivered quantitative data and a report with actionable recommendations. The final report used a blend of technology insight, market data on global packaging trends and consumer perceptions.

Impact: The client used this data as justification for switching from metal cans to plastic bottles and pouches, and has seen sales grow as a result.

Case Study #4

Client: A leading international integrated paper and plastic packaging converter

Challenge: The client's objective was to expand into new business areas and increase their market share in the specialty plastic film segment in Europe. Therefore, they requested a recommendation of new areas to expand into, specifically in the DACH region.

Approach: Smithers conducted a thorough analysis of potential markets and new clients. Both primary and secondary research was utilised in order to gain a thorough overview of the potential market. A three-phase programme included in-depth assessment of each specialty film value chain, analysis of integration into the polymer production, adoption of screening techniques based on selection criteria established together with the client, and selection of seven new business opportunities.

Impact: Smithers provided a clear vision of the future growth path with focus on high value added segments where the client had strong Unique Selling Points, and a competitive advantage. An in-depth study was produced that put forward several strategic recommendations, including five potential new markets that the client could move into.

Case Study #5

Client: Flexible packaging plant in Malaysia (part of a global company)

Challenge: The client wanted to set up a new green field flexible packaging plant in Malaysia for product supply to Asia Pacific.

Approach: Our recommendation was to deploy Lean Six Sigma programmes across all departments to maximise productivity and performance. The initiatives were specific and measurable in the area of organisational and operational restructuring. We also undertook the forecasting of sales, cost and profitability, as well as commercial and financial analysis.

Impact: Through the review and in-depth assessment, as well as implementation of the strategic recommendations, the client managed to achieve significant KPIs such as a turnover in the first year of £10 million, profit 30%; OTIF 100%; yield 95%; and customer return 0.1%.

Case Study #6

Client: Leading global flexible packaging converter

Challenge: The ultimate client objective was to assess their current geographic footprint vs future growth potential.

Approach: In-depth assessment of the global market for flexible packaging, both industrial and case ready packaging was required. Niche market assessment techniques were adopted; an expert blend of desk and primary research, along with extensive knowledge of the packaging industry. The deliverables included market size quantification, segmentation by end-use and region, and forecasting five-year growth.

Impact: The client gained insights into the market size quantification, segmented by end-use and region, and forecasting growth over the next five years. This was a critical component of their new strategy development. 

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