Meet three new members of the Smithers medical device testing team in North America

Meet three new members of the Smithers medical device testing team in North America

Smithers is expanding its North American laboratory footprint in support of the pharmaceutical product and medical device industries. Part of this growth includes the addition of new expert team members to support our clients in these critical markets. Meet the newest members of our team in Akron, Ohio:

Jamie Giriunas, Senior Scientist, Analytical Services

Jamie joined Smithers in August of 2020. Her work focuses on gathering and compiling the data and resources needed to generate valuable reports for Smithers clients. 
“Although my primary role is the report writer, I also contribute to data analysis and lab work. This is very fulfilling because I often get to assist in individual aspects of work that result in the final product, which is, of course, the report. The variety of work I do allows me to collaborate with others within my team and outside of my team, which is also very rewarding!”
Jamie has a bachelor’s degree in forensic chemistry and sociology-criminology, with a double minor in psychology and political science, from The Ohio University. Prior to joining Smithers, she worked in the research and development and quality control laboratories for a pharmaceutical company. During that time, she and her team developed and patented a sustain-release drug load method via microsphere technology. Outside of work, she loves to hike with her dog, bike, cook fun meals, and explore local eateries with her fiancĂ©.

Mike Kelly, Lead Testing Engineer, Physical and Functional Testing

Mike oversees the day-to-day functions of the physical and functional testing laboratory. He is heavily involved in the ongoing process of establishing and expanding capabilities and capacity of this new laboratory, which has a sister lab in the United Kingdom. He works closely with clients to understand their goals and ensure all testing projects are on target. He is also working to develop testing protocols and hire laboratory technicians to his team.
Mike first joined Smithers in 2015. He spent four years on the product testing team and one year specializing in dynamic mechanical analysis before transitioning to the medical device testing group. Prior to joining Smithers, he worked in a hospital orthopedics department, where he conducted comparative studies of different screw selections in bone plates and used 3D CAD modeling based on MRI and CT scan data to assess chronic lateral patellar dislocations in patient knees.
“I get to constantly take on new challenges with this role. I really enjoy collaborating with clients to come up with the best solutions to meet their needs and be part of the development of products that have such an impact on people’s lives.”
Mike has a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and is working toward a master’s of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Akron. Outside of work, Mike enjoys outdoor activities, including running, hiking, and golf. He loves to spend time with his fiancĂ©e, friends, and family. Additionally, he is learning to play the mandolin.

Brandon King, Quality Assurance Specialist

Brandon supports quality processes and reviews projects for his team members in the medical device testing group. His work includes studying plan drafts, method validations, and sample analysis. He also supports quality training for his team members and maintains laboratory SOPs. Prior to joining Smithers in 2021, Brandon worked as a scientist for several different pharmaceutical companies.
“I really enjoy collaborating with our team of scientists and reviewing the work that they are doing. And thanks to my previous experience on the testing side of things, I’m familiar with the data and reports our scientists are working with, which helps me be the best quality assurance reviewer I can be. I’m excited about the prospect of growing this team here at Smithers!”
Brandon has a bachelor’s in pharmaceutics and drug design from the University of Toledo. He is an avid fan of all things baseball and eagerly awaits the day when he can attend live games again. He also competes in a weekly bowling league with his dad. He and his wife love spending time with friends and family, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.

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