Webinar: Tire Components 104: Reinforcement Coats and Sidewalls

Webinar: Tire Components 104: Reinforcement Coats and Sidewalls

Original Run Date: February 25, 2021 | download below > 

Learn about the components of a radial tire from our expert tire team. In this installment of our tire components webinar series, Smithers experts Brad Sellers and Bruce Lambillotte are delivering a deep dive into two rubber body components: reinforcement coats and sidewalls.
Reinforcement coats, also known as skims, are the critical insulation for tire reinforcements to enhance flex and shear performance in loaded conditions while providing the requisite static and dynamic adhesion required for a long service life for the tire. Sidewalls provide flex characteristics at points on the radial tire structure that experience maximum deformation in service and provide abrasion resistance to curbing damage. Additionally, tires are among the most heavily labeled products on the market, and a single sidewall can showcase logos, safety information, sizing, and other end-user required information.
During the webinar, Sellers and Lambillotte will deliver an overview on several topics related to reinforcement coats and sidewalls, including:
  • Compounding for tire performance and example component formulations
  • Typical materials, weights, and volumes
  • Engineering perspectives
  • Performance expectations
  • Tire plant processing
  • Associated subcomponents
Sellers and Lambillotte will also discuss laboratory testing for these components, including chemical analysis and physical testing.
There will be a live Q&A at the end of the webinar.

About the Presenters

Bruce Lambillotte

With over 42 years of experience in the rubber and tire industry, Bruce has expertise in rubber compounding, tire formulation, polymer chemistry and characterization, physical properties of elastomer materials, polymer product failure analysis, tire reinforcements, and product and process development. In his most recent position at Vice President of Technical Consulting, Bruce is responsible for analytical and physical properties problem solving at Smithers. 

Brad Sellers

Brad Sellers, Associate Consultant, joined the Smithers team in 2014. He specializes in tire problem and data analysis, focused on developing action plans and helping clients implement solutions that address their development, quality, and performance challenges and needs. He has significant experience providing exceptional customer service in a technical setting and proven skills in failure analysis, project planning, patent research, and secondary technical research.

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