The Future of Conductive Plastics to 2027

Global consumption of conductive plastics is accelerating rapidly.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Quantitative (volume and value) forecasting of future demand for conductive polymer materials by end-use application and geographic market
  • Qualitative analysis of new trends in material science and device manufacture that will impact selection of conductive plastics technologies across 2017-2027
  • In-depth scoping of the commercial landscape; including profiles major material suppliers, end-users and the most innovative start-ups

What methodology is used?

The research conducted for this report includes secondary research from financial reports, patents, product information, company information, news sources, and industry associations; and primary research from interviews with those in the industry. Projections and analysis are made from combining secondary and primary research with complimentary market projections and macro-level economic data.

What will you discover?

  • Key trends in technology – including the burgeoning market for conductive additives with substrates
  • Market sizing and projections of transparent conductive films (conductive plastics)
  • Profiles of leading technology producers
  • New emerging start-ups

Who should buy this report?

  • Product managers
  • Scientists
  • Marketing managers
  • Strategy consultants
  • Industry executives

Name The Future of Conductive Plastics to 2027

Date 9/17/2017

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