This procedure has been designed to provide a series of tests to challenge a palletized load in various handling scenarios. Packages must not have been affected by shipment through the supply chain prior to testing in order to gather truly accurate data.

Test Details

Packages will be subjected to the following tests (in order):

  1. Atmospheric conditioning at ambient temperature / humidity
  2. Vibration testing by vertical linear fixed displacement (1 inch peak to peak at a predetermined frequency) or random (overall Grms level of 1.15)
  3. Shock testing which can be conducted by incline impact (69 inches per second impact velocity) or horizontal impact (69 inches per second velocity change)
  4. Shock testing using a rotational edge drop at 8 inches

Types of packaging tested under this method

  • Unitized loads are defined as pallet loads of the same type of packaged product (usually shrink wrapped), a non-packaged machine strapped / shrink wrapped to a pallet or a pallet with a corrugated tray, tube and cap.

Please Note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ISTA 1E. Please refer to ISTA's website for full details.

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