Our ISO 17025 accredited rubber testing labs in Akron, Ohio and Shawbury, UK offer a robust portfolio of physical testing and chemical analysis services for rubber materials and products to give you guidance on product development and material selection. Read a brief history of our rubber testing lab > 
Rubber chemical analysis  
The rubber experts at Smithers are well versed with a variety of analytical techniques and regularly develop new methods to support our clients’ needs. Our rubber test labs are equipped for a complete portfolio of chemical analyses, so our rubber experts can design a custom analysis program to match your unique specifications. This includes rubber contamination analysis as well as fully exploring the chemical make-up of your materials.
Rubber physical testing 
Smithers has decades of experience conducting physical testing for rubber materials, dating back to 1925. We offer environmental resistance and artificial weathering testing, material properties testing, and more at our rubber testing lab. We test to many common industry standards, including ASTM, ISO, SAE, and others, as well as OEM specifications.
Rubber mixing 
Our mixing and compounding team can assist with the development of small, experimental batches for benchmarking and evaluation purposes. The rubber testing lab in Akron, Ohio has a Banbury mixer and a kneader mixer with intermeshing rotors.
Rubber consulting 
Our rubber testing lab is supported by a team of expert consultants with years of experience working with rubber materials and products. Our rubber consultants can help with raw material selection, troubleshooting, field performance evaluations, and much more.
Rubber sample preparation 
Our world-class sample preparation team can mold and extract test specimens from a wide variety of products and materials on site at our rubber testing lab.

Rubber Testing Lab
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