Smithers' Quality Assessments Client Portal is an interactive and secure web-based resource giving certified clients the ability to manage their audit scheduling, monitor audit results, view audit certifications and gain valuable insights. It goes beyond mere audit management software to provide a 360-degree view of the audit process.


Anytime Access to Real-Time Audit Information

The Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal is available around the clock anywhere you have a web browser and access to the internet. Powered by the same data that runs our back-office operations, there is no waiting for updates to pass through an intermediary. Real-time means you always have the accurate data you rely on. Our audit management solutions provide the information you need on your timeline.

Smithers BOS Client Portal

Intelligent Workflow Automation

With proactive notifications and easy drag-and-drop document uploading, our client portal is designed to help streamline your work. If information is required from you, such as audit schedule confirmation, our audit management system will send you a notification and display the required action right on your home page. The Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal automation ensures that your audits stay on schedule, every time.

Audit Tracking and Scheduling

The Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal Audit Tracker display makes it easy to quickly view the status of your certificates in their cycles. No matter how many locations or standards, you'll always know where you are at today with the ability to access past reports and look ahead to future scheduling. You get quality auditing software and so much more, all in one convenient portal.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal

Nonconformance Reporting and Corrective Active Response

Easily access and view details of audit findings using the convenient nonconformance dashboard. Simply click on an item to view nonconformity details and upload corrective action documentation with a few simple clicks.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal

Certificate, Audit Plan and Audit Report Downloads

Access digital copies of your certificates for printing, framing and sharing with your customers anytime. Share copies of the audit plan with your team and access copies of the audit report once the audit has been completed.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal

Reports and Resources

An integral part of the Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal is the customizable reporting feature that goes far beyond average audit management software. Want to see a history of nonconformances at a given site or sites over the last three-year audit cycle to help you determine your organizational training needs? No problem. We can provide the reporting you need to help make the business of running your business easier.

Plus, as a Smithers Client, you get unlimited access to all our informational resources, like industry webinar and Client Day presentation videos, certificate marketing tips and other important news and updates. Combined with our quality auditing services, it's an unbeatable approach to your audit management needs.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal

Designed with Client Inputs

Smithers' Quality Assessments Client Portal was designed with input from clients like you. Throughout the development and beta testing processes, we regularly surveyed clients for their input and conducted pilot programs to test the system and capture valuable inputs. The result is an audit management solution that offers all the advantages of audit software and so much more, tailored to meet the needs of companies like yours.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal. Another example of Smithers’ commitment to Accurate Data, On Time, With High Touch.

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