Supplier Solutions from Smithers Quality Assessments Division

In addition to our first-party or internal auditing services, we also offer a range of solutions to help you measure supplier performance. A supplier audit is a very beneficial first step to ensure the efficiency of your company, and protect your bottom line.

We design these customizable solutions to support the needs of companies that wish to perform audits on their suppliers to ensure that their contractual requirements are being met. This could include specific process control documentation, part traceability, quality standards, or any other performance expectation the customer has placed upon the supplier.

SQA offers a wide range of supplier auditing solutions to help you evaluate and manage supplier performance: 

  • System and Process Auditing
  • Contractual Review Auditing
  • Part Sorting
  • Product Quality Auditing

Why Choose Smithers for Your Supplier Auditing Needs?

  • Cost savings. Outsourcing your supplier or second-party auditing is less costly and time- consuming than training and credentialing your own internal resources across numerous locations. 
  • Competency. With over 25 years of experience, we bring the same level of integrity and technical proficiency to a second-party supplier audit that we do for ISO-based certification audits.
  • Comprehensive. Smithers will perform a meticulous review of your suppliers' performance against contract, carefully detailing all findings for your review and action. 
  • Tailored.  Smithers offers customizable options, not canned supplier solutions. Need a more flexible schedule? Want to put special focus on a specific process or system? No problem. 
  • Global presence. With locations and auditing resources across the globe, Smithers is the right choice to service your second-party or supplier needs, wherever they may be.
  • China. With specific focus to support the needs of companies with manufacturing operations in China, our Smithers team in Suzhou can be your representative to ensure your second-party audits are a success. 

The Smithers Quality Assessments Division makes it easy to complete your second-party or supply chain audits.

Contact us today to get started, or simply request a quote.

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*Smithers acknowledges the need to maintain impartiality through formal separation of our accredited third-party certification business and our first and second party auditing services business. As such, Smithers will not solicit nor provide accredited third-party auditing and certification services to an organization currently partnered with us for internal auditing or supplier solution services.

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