Load Vs. Deflection Testing

The tire and wheel testing laboratory in Ravenna, Ohio, has the proper load and deflection equipment to generate springrate or stiffness data. This data is needed to characterize the tire in terms of performance and ride comfort. Our load deflection machine can also measure the footprint shape and associated pressure distribution.
With spring rate being one of the many factors that can affect the tire performance of vehicles, this value is critical in helping characterize tires.

Measures Tire Spring Rate Based on Vertical, Longitudinal, and Lateral Force Directions

Figure 1: Lateral Stiffness

Figure 2: Longitudinal Stiffness

Figure 3: Vertical Stiffness

Machine Capabilities

Our load deflection machine is capable of measuring tire spring rate based on the tire’s vertical, longitudinal, and lateral force directions. Machine specifications include:

Glass plate is 24” X 24” for footprints and full pressure distribution reports

  • Loads up to 12,000lb

Stiffness/Spring rate – 8,000lbs in Kz (vertical), 4,000lbs in Kx and Ky (longitudinal and lateral)

  • +/- 6deg camber
  • Multiple cleat options
Tire size PCR, LT, and TBR
  • Max diameter = 50”
  • Max width = 18”


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