Electric Vehicle (EV) Tire Testing

When it comes to tires, electric vehicles have unique needs compared to gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicle batteries are heavy, which puts increased load on electric vehicle tires. This weight can contribute to different load distribution, reduced range, and more tread wear without appropriate adjustments to tire design. Also, with no engine noise, the tire’s interaction with the road is the dominant source of sound in the vehicle, and adjustments must be made to the tire for sound dampening improvements. Lastly, electric vehicles produce extremely high, instant torque. These factors and stressors can impact the compound formulation, design, and engineering of the electric vehicle tire.

Custom Testing Programs for Electric Vehicle (EV) Tires

The experts at Smithers can support you throughout every step of the development process for electric vehicle tires. Whether you are a vehicle OEM, tire manufacturer, or raw material supplier, tires for electric vehicles can present some unique challenges for development engineers. Our team can assist you in developing a custom testing program utilizing a variety of testing techniques to meet the distinct goals of EV development programs.
From tire material science to whole tire testing, our team can assist with: 

Material Testing

Whole Tire Testing

Technical Consulting

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