Virtual Tire Lab is the groundbreaking subscription service that revolutionizes tire design assessment and optimization for automotive OEMs, tier suppliers, and tire manufacturers. 

This innovative subscription platform is designed to revolutionize the way automotive professionals approach tire modeling and simulation. Access a range of tire models, all compatible with common vehicle simulation software empowering you to benchmark and assess prototypes with unparalleled precision.  
Whether you are an automotive OEM seeking to enhance vehicle performance or a tire manufacturer striving to streamline development processes, Virtual Tire Lab offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. 

How It Works:

Upon subscribing to the service, users gain instant access to a diverse range of tire models that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing simulation software. Our platform is compatible with popular simulation tools used in the automotive industry, ensuring a smooth transition for users looking to enhance their design assessment capabilities. With Virtual Tire Lab, you can conduct rigorous testing, analyze performance metrics, and make informed decisions about your tire designs in real-time.

Key Features:

Virtual Tire Lab offers a host of features aimed at empowering automotive professionals to optimize their tire design processes. Some key features include:

1. Broad Selection of Popular Tires in the Tire Model Library

Access a wide range of tire models tailored for different vehicle types, road conditions, and performance requirements. This includes:
•    All-Weather Passenger Tires
•    All-Season Touring Passenger
•    Summer Performance Passenger
•    EV Replacement Tires
•    OE EV Specific Tires

2. Agile Tire Software License Included: 

When you purchase VTL, access to Stackpole Engineering Services' Agile Tire™ software is included, allowing users to access a comprehensive tool for preparing files for use with a DiL simulator. The software allows for thorough evaluation of tire models across a range of states to verify optimal performance. Users can compare the model against on-vehicle data where available or utilize internally developed standards to calibrate lab data. Additionally, real-time adjustments can be made during simulation sessions to fine-tune results.

3. MF6.2 UM14 Handling Models: 

The handling models incorporated in Virtual Tire Lab have been developed to provide users with in-depth design analysis, simulation, and virtual development. These models offering a robust framework that ensures the highest levels of accuracy and reliability at every stage of the process. By leveraging these sophisticated handling models, engineers and designers can effectively simulate various scenarios, evaluate performance metrics, and make informed decisions that drive product innovation and optimization.

4. Industry-Leading Testing Data from Smithers: 

Your models are only as good as the data. This requires a thorough examination of the tire’s dimensions and performance. Smithers Tire and Wheel Testing facility begins this evaluation process with precise tire measurements, footprint analysis, force and moment assessments, and comprehensive high and low-speed cleat and rolling resistance testing. Leveraging premium testing technology, Smithers ensures unparalleled precision and reliability in the development of tire models, a crucial component in establishing industry benchmarks.

5. Subscription-Based Service:

Enjoy the flexibility of a subscription model that grants you access to the latest tire models and updates on an ongoing basis. Select the tires that align best with the objectives of your future development initiatives. And remember, all subscriptions come with an annual license to Agile Tire.

Choose from 5, 10, 15, or 30 Tire Pack Subscriptions.

•    Select the number of tires in your subscription right away or as needed from our library.
•    Tire Model's are yours to keep in perpetuity
•    1 Year of access to Agile Tire™ software for 1 user
•    1 Year of access to Test Data via Agile Tire™ software
•    Technical support and training

Virtual Tire Lab is more than just a service - it's a gateway to innovation in tire design and optimization. 

Visit today and schedule a demo or request a quote to experience the future of tire modeling and simulation.
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