Webinar: The Tire’s Role in Autonomous Vehicle Development through the Next Decade

Webinar: The Tire’s Role in Autonomous Vehicle Development through the Next Decade

The development of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is evolving quickly, with some specialty applications already on the road today. From durability and performance to the use of sensors to collect key data points, the tire will have an important role to play in the autonomous system going forward.
In this webinar, Smithers expert Bruce Lambillotte will deliver an overview of market dynamics that are affecting the gradual introduction of autonomous vehicle technology around the world. He will explore different sensor technologies and how tire designs must adjust to account for new handling and durability requirements.
The data from this presentation comes from Smithers market report The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Tires to 2029.
Tuesday, December 8 | 11:00 AM EST


About the Speaker

As Vice President of Technical Consulting for Smithers, Bruce Lambillotte is responsible for product and process-specific technical consulting activities involving a wide variety of polymer products. These activities include performance analyses, formula reconstructions, failure mode analyses, and product development challenges. Most recently, Lambillotte was the General Manager for Smithers’ Akron Laboratories, covering polymer chemistry and physical testing.
Prior to joining Smithers, he worked for Continental General Tire in various product development areas. He has worked in the tire and rubber industry for over 40 years. Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and an MBA from the University of Akron.

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