Introduction to Thermoplastic Elastomers



Course overview

This course is designed for those wishing to gain an insight into this growing class of polymer materials. Participants will learn the essential properties of TPEs and the different sub classes together with their advantages and disadvantages. Reference will be made to the increasing influence in food contact and medical device applications.
This course will take place over two days commencing at 9am on the first day and finishing at 3.30pm on the second day.

Learning outcomes

  • Make informed decisions when selecting TPEs
  • Understand the different types of TPEs, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Recognise the limitations of TPEs
  • Understand the structure and nature of TPEs
  • Understand the properties of TPEs vs thermosetting rubbers

Course content

  • Introduction to Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
  • Classes of TPE
  • Performance of TPE compared to traditional rubbers/ elastomers
  • Material selection of TPEs
  • Designing with TPEs
  • Medical Applications
  • Food Contact Applications
  • Two Shot Moulding

Who will benefit?

  • Those new to TPEs or wishing to gain a better understanding of the subject.
  • Those involved in product design, engineering, quality, technical support as well as manufacturers of TPEs
  • Anyone involved in the supply chain needing to enhance their understanding

Presenter information

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What our delegates say

"I was more than happy that I attended this course since it was very interesting, I met experienced people as well as visited the different labs to see the facilities" 
Maria Filippousi (Atlas Copco Airpower)

"Greatly informative"
Nicholas Bennett (Hydraelectric)

Questions and queries

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Introduction to Thermoplastic Elastomers

Length 2 days
Smithers Intro to TPE Brochure 2019